There is a famous adage, “ Perception is powerful than truth”. Most of the times people are driven by perceptions in lieu of truths. Pakistani people are no exception. There is a common perception deeply rooted in the minds of Pakistani People. This perception is that Politicians were incompetent , politicians are incompetent and politicians will always be incompetent. This is what we often hear in each nook and corner of the country. Most of the Pakistanis are under the impression that autocratic regime has been always better than democratic regime. Last year , retired General Pervaiz Musharraf tweeted that it was always under the dictatorial regime when Pakistan made progress by leaps and bounds. Neither the purpose of this article is to rebut what Musharraf said nor its purpose is to establish that democratic regime is better than autocratic regime. The purpose of this article is to highlight some fantabulous works of politicians in the history of Pakistan. It is because uttering vitriol against politicians of the past and present and calling them lackadaisical in contributing toward country is simply unjust and risible. There have been many charismatic politicians in the chronicle of this country and they have many contributions of monumental significance in the development of this country. It is time people should become cognizant of their works and must give them the credit they deserve. The claim that Pakistan never had competent politicians is utterly apocryphal.  


Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy




He served as the fifth Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was a graduate from Oxford university. He was the first to form relations with China. CPEC wouldn’t have been possible if he had not initiated relations with China . Beside this , it was him who established Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and acquired U.S.-based Pool-type reactor from the United States in 1956.


Feroz Khan Noon




He is also known as Feroze Khan. He was the seventh Prime Minister of Pakistan. He qualified as a Barisster-at-law from Inner Temple. It was during his period that Gwadar became part of Pakistan. Before this , Gwadar was a part of Oman.


Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto




Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto served as the ninth Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was educated at Bombay and University of South Carolina , Berkeley. Furthermore , he studied Law at the University of Oxford. It is because of his numerous distinctive achievements that he is alive in the hearts of many people even to this day. He strengthened Pakistan’s relations with China. He liberated 93,000 Pakistani prisoners  who were rotting in Indian jails after the war of 71. Significant area of our territory was captured by India after 71’s war but Bhutto regained that area and in return gave nothing to India. It was him who got 50 officers of our Army released from the clutches of Bangladesh who were facing judicial trials there. Hence , he was proficient at the arts of conversational Parley and persuasion. He brought Abdul Qadeer to Pakistan and it was due to his efforts that Pakistan became Nuclear Power. Pakistan Steel Mills is also a gift of Bhutto. He formed labor courts to benefit proletariat class. He gave us the unanimously agreed upon constitution when Pakistan was going through the most adverse circumstances. He was the man behind Islamic Summit conference held at Lahore.


Benazir Bhutto




She served as Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1988 to 1990 and again from 1993 to 1996. She gained undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. She was elected as the President of the Oxford Union debating society and became  the first Asian woman to hold that post. She was the first lady Head of a Muslim country when country like US, Russia had never witnessed such things. In this way , she is an inspiration for many. She was the one who brought missile technology in Pakistan from North Korea.


Asif Ali Zardari




He served as the 11th President of Pakistan. He graduated from London School Of Business Studies. He doesn’t enjoy a good reputation among most of the people of Pakistan. Nevertheless , there are some facts that must be adduced before the readers. He is a man who has spent 14 years of imprisonment without any charge as per the manual records of various jails. He was the one who brought NFC awards after 27 years . He was the one who cancelled FCR which was being misused against the people of FATA. He was the one who effaced Singapore influence over Gawadar . Therefore , the credit must also go to Asif Zardari for CPEC and this is even acknowledged by Hassan Nisar who is one the most reputable analysts of Pakistan.There was no political imprisonment in his tenure . He is the only President in the history who gave all of his powers to a prime minister . He is the only president in the history of Pakistan to be ever elected unanimously by Senate , Provincial assemblies and national assembly . FBR was raised in his regime . Benazir Income program is one of the world’s biggest welfare programs according to the report of UN. Pakhtuns got their identity in his regime when NWFP was named as KPK. Not many people are aware that it was during his regime that there was maximum export in the history of Pakistan with least foreign tax imposed .


Final Note

It will not be abstruse for any unbiased reader to decipher that Pakistan has been blessed by competent politicians in its each epoch. We hope Imran Khan will too prove himself to be a competent leader and we hope that he will prove himself to be a harbinger of many positive changes in Pakistan. Let us hope for the best. 


Pride is a sin that is among seven cardinal sins. This sin keeps getting manifested in sundry forms in this dark age. One form which is very wonted is that humans can be seen labeling themselves as “ Crown Of Creation ” out of their condescendence . They believe they are inherently the crown of creation. No matter how many people may believe in this crass point but it will not make it a gospel truth. Gospel truth is that humans are not inherently the crown of creation rather they can only become the crown of creation. There is a gigantic difference between being inherently the crown of creation and transforming yourself into the crown of creation. In this article, we will substantiate that it is the latter case which is true.


Let us start by contemplating over a beautiful report from Imam Ali (as):

Allah Mighty and Majestic Made to be in the Angels, intellect without (lustful) desires, and Made to be in the beasts, (lustful) desires without intellect, and Made to be in the Children of Adam, both of these. So the one whose intellect overcomes his desires, so he is better than the Angels, and the one whose desires overcome his intellect, so he is more evil than the beasts.


This report is truly a gem. It explicitly mentions that a human is not intrinsically the crown of creation rather he can only become the crown of creation. It is our sincere efforts in the cause of meliorism which make us worthy of possessing this title. Things that make human a human are acts of kindness, virtuousness, magnanimity and the ability to feel the agonies of others as Krishna says in Bhagvad-Gita :


I regard them to be perfect yogis who see the true equality of all living beings and respond to the joys and sorrows of others as if they were their own.”


It should be noticed that Krishna didn’t say that Humans are inherently yogis rather they only become perfect yogis. Therefore, by amalgamating the sayings of Imam Ali (as) and Krishna we can easily decipher that a human can either transcend on every scale by transforming himself or he can change himself into a thing of very grotesque nature.


Examples of Animals Transcending Homo sapiens


  • According to a modern research , it has been observed that Bats do look after other bats who are orphaned. According to a report by National Geographic , Nursing vampire bats, found in tropical Central and South America, sometimes feed pups that aren’t their own. Contrary to this, there are dastardly acts which are carried out by humans which includes killing their own children for example a couple of years ago in Pakistan a father killed his own daughter just because she didn’t make a gol/round roti.


  • Imam Ali (as) :

    “Happy is the one who leads the life of a dog! For the dog has ten characteristics which every believer should possess. First, the dog has no status among creatures; second, the dog is a pauper having no worldly goods; third, the entire earth is his resting place; fourth, the dog goes hungry most of the time; fifth, the dog will not leave his master’s door even after having received a hundred lashes; sixth, he protects his master and his friend, and when someone approaches he will attack the foe and let the friend pass; seventh, he guards his master by night, never sleeping; eight, he performs most of his duties silently; ninth, he is content with whatever his master gives him; and tenth, when he dies, he leaves no inheritance.”

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Parents-Child Relationship

What makes humans a human? This question has been answered many times and in various ways. However, essence of every answer is the same that it is humanity which makes humans a human. A human being is a sentient-being. As a sentient-being, he is able to self-actualize moral values, ethical aspects, the significance of virtuousness and kindness.

And [by] the soul and He who proportioned it. And inspired it [with discernment of] its wickedness and its righteousness,

 (Quran 91:7-8)


Consequently, he forms many sacred relations. One such relation is “Parent-Child Relationship”. It is a subject which is of supreme significance as in these days we can see the communication gap between children and Parents is increasing unceasingly. Most often, Children feel alien in their own homes. It hurts their soul the most. To this reason, we have highlighted and elaborated some points which are very essential for a successful Parents-Child Relationship.

Evolve With Your Child



Humankind is constantly evolving in each and every sphere of life. Concomitantly, their needs are also evolved. This is the reason Parents need to evolve with their children in order to develop understanding with their child. They must take deep interests in the things in which their child is interested. This is the only way they can reach their child. If they will not do this then eventually they will find themselves disconnected with their child.

Befriend Your Child

Parents must be friends of their child instead of being a Father and Mother. They must devote time for counseling with their child especially a father must give some of his time to his child no matter how much busy his schedule is. It is the emotional need of a child. To fulfill this need, a father must spend some of his time with his child. He must do counseling/sharing with child and various other activities. Wherever there is a bond of friendship in any relation, it simply strengthens that relation. Befriending a child will enable him to share each and everything with parents without any hesitation. If parents fail to develop the bond of friendship with their child then this causes communication gap between them and their child. In this way, child will never feel comfortable whenever he will need to share anything with parents.



Do Not Impose Anything

To advise is not to compel but unfortunately parents do not understand this anymore. Many of the things are imposed on children for example the choice of profession. Each and every child is unique in its own way. Children have numerous different abilities and talents. Some think like philosophers while some think like scientists. The point is that they are different from each other. As a result, they have different dreams, ambitions and desires. Parents must not only let their children pursue their dreams but also help them, in their best capacity, in fulfilling those dreams.

Be Kind to Your Child

Parents must be an epitome of unconditional love before their child. They must not exceed in strictness and in the use of force. It is incumbent upon parents to be kind and generous toward their child.



Be A Role Model For Your Child

If you want your child to become a person you wish to see then first and foremost it is you who must transform yourself completely into that person before your child. It is because a child is never perfect at following your pieces of advice but it is perfect at imitating you.

Be A Source of Motivation

The best gift which we can give to a child is motivation. Everything done in this world is done with a hope. The greatest gift we have been given is our ability to bear without breaking and this comes from the power which is inside us, this power is hope. Parents must be always a source of motivation and hope for their child. They must cover the weakness and imperfections of their child without even letting the child realize. This is what love is all about. To strengthen , to give power and to give hope to ones we love.

Children Must not be harsh toward their Parents

There are back-breaking responsibilities of parents toward their children but children too have responsibilities toward their parents which is incumbent upon them to fulfill.

“Do not use the sharpness of your tongue on your mother who taught you how to speak.” ~ Imam Ali (as)

Children must love their parents in return to the sacrifices their parents made for them. They must not be harsh toward them even if they are wrong in any matter. One must learn from Cordova who took care of her father despite of his father being unjust toward her. This is the spirit which we must inculcate in ourselves.

Come up to the expectations of Parents

 Whenever a gardener sows seeds , he has some expectations. Such as when these seeds will take the shape of a plant then this plant will bear fruit on its branches and it will be shadowy. To this mean, he is very meticulous about the health of plant . He takes care of its watering etc. Same is the case with parents and a child. They do their level best for the mental and bodily health of their child because they have some expectations from their child. It is incumbent upon children to endeavor whatever it takes to meet the expectations of their parents.



Take care of Parents when they are Old

Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Isa from Ali ibn al-Hakam from Sayf ibn ‘Amirah from ‘Abd Allah ibn Muskan from Ibrahim ibn Shu’ayb who has said the following:

“Once I said to abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, ‘My father has become very old and weak. We pick him up and help him for the restrooms.’ The Imam said, ‘If you can, you should do all of this for him and feed him with your own hand; it is paradise for you tomorrow.’”


Al-Kafi, Vol.2, H 2007, CH 65, h 13





Debates on raison d’etre of Pakistan date back to its inception. Instead of being able to reach any conclusion from these debates people are befuddled. There is a lot of confusion among masses. To this reason, there exist two mutually exclusive narratives:

  1. Pakistan was meant to be a secular state. Muhammad Ali Jinnah always wanted to see it as a secular state.
  2. Pakistan was created in the name of Islam. Hence, “Shariah” must be implemented here.


We in our article will not prove that what was the purpose of creating Pakistan or what system of Governance was proposed by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. We believe that it is bootless to discuss this and people will never ever be able to get out of this chasm. Therefore, we will adopt an utterly different strategy and we will submit our case in different way. Historical perspective of Pakistan’s creation will not be our concern.



There is no system appropriate or possible for Pakistan except Secularism. If Pakistan wishes to make progress and get out of stagnant regression then it has to accept secularism as a system of governance. We will systematically prove our case in this article.


It(Secularism) means re­arranging state laws and policies so that they are neutral (ghair janibdaar) and treat citizens of all faiths without prejudice. Secularity — the principles of secularism — means that religion should have no influence on public institutions and services, and religious privilege must not influence government. It limits moral issues to the private, personal sphere. Secularisation — the transfer of socio-political power away from religious governance — does not force people to become atheists or stop observers from going to church or mosque. It does prevent using places of worship for practising politics.” ~ Afiya S. Zia



After understanding the concept of secularism it will be sin-qua-non to understand the concept and domain of religion. Purpose of religion is to purge our souls by imprinting certain behavioral pattern on our minds in order to incline us toward righteousness. It teaches us the excellence of manners. It strengthens our character enabling us to transcend on sentient level. It teaches us to be kind, compassionate, altruist and virtuous.  In other words, it only deals with our character development. This is the only domain of religion. It is nothing more or less than that. It doesn’t purvey any particular form of governance. It is simply not the domain of religion to ask its followers to follow or establish any particular form of governance. Religion simply doesn’t  guide on this issue. That is why  Islam ,like other religions as well, is silent on the system of governance. It also doesn’t tell its followers that any particular form of governance or system is incumbent upon its followers. 



Before understanding “shariah” one must savvy the nature of Quran. Quran never ever says that any of its laws (only 200 verses in Quran are about legal matters ) are to be applied eternally and forever. The very nature of Quran is dynamic instead of static and it is goal-oriented in lieu of a mere manual instruction. Prophet(saw) didn’t give it as a closed corpus of fixed laws . De facto, each and every verse or series of verses was a response to sundry circumstances and to various interlocutors by whom prophet(saw) was surrounded. Therefore, Prophet (saw) made ad-hoc decisions with respect to circumstances as they happened. If circumstances would have been different then it is a matter of common sense that Quranic guidance would be different as well. For better understanding let us say that one of the goals of Quran is to establish Justice and to smooth society. For this purpose, the punishment of theft is amputation but it is not this punishment that is immutable rather it is the goal that is. If the amputation of thieves in latter-days is not serving its purpose then Quran has not forbidden us to transform this practice .The only purpose is to reach the goal i.e. justice and a smooth society. That is why Quran has never restricted us to abide by this practice i.e. it nowhere mentions that this practice is to be applied perennially. This is the reason that Quran nowhere mentions that its legal laws are to be enacted in modern state. The modern nation state is totalitarian in its control. So an Islamic  state with shariah as law is a perversion of Islam and prophetic guidance. It is the essence of Quran that remains same but its exoteric form must change with respect to the constant process of evolution in each and every sphere of life.



“When we open dictionary and look up for the word secularism then we see that dictionary tells us that secularism is the absence of religion.”


This is the weakest argument someone can adduce against secularism. Any word has two aspects which are


Just contemplating over lexical aspect and derive concept regarding any term takes us to wrong conclusion. It is the terminological aspect that is of primary importance instead of lexical aspect. This argument is mostly used by the proponents of Shariah. We would like to ask them what is Salah? How will they answer it ? They will explain in detail the essence of salah and its method while the Arabic lexicon only says that it is a mere supplication . So, would they like to go with only  lexical aspect in this case? Or will they also deem its terminological aspect important? Of course they will emphasize on its terminological aspect but they should remain consistent with this approach while envisaging the term “secularism”. We have put forward the terminological aspect of secularism in our previous section “Understanding Secularism” and it is in no way against the foundation of any religion.


“ Khilafat e Rashida (Rightly Guided Caliphs) are also part of Islam and we should implement their system of governance.”


When was the religion completed ? The answer is in Quran


“Prohibited to you are dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah , and [those animals] killed by strangling or by a violent blow or by a head-long fall or by the goring of horns, and those from which a wild animal has eaten, except what you [are able to] slaughter [before its death], and those which are sacrificed on stone altars, and [prohibited is] that you seek decision through divining arrows. That is grave disobedience. This day those who disbelieve have despaired of [defeating] your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion. But whoever is forced by severe hunger with no inclination to sin – then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

(Quran 5:3)


If Caliphate was one of an essential integrants of Islam then Quran would explicitly mention it and would elaborate it in great length but this is not the case. Besides this, again we see that it has mentioned in no place that caliphate has to be implemented in modern state. Furthermore, it is fascinating that the appointed caliphs themselves didn’t give us an unanimously agreed and coherent system of caliphate. Hazrat Aboo Bakar (RA) was appointed in different way while Hazrat Umar Bin Khattab(RA) was appointed in different way. Hence , the caliphs themselves adopted different strategies during their caliphate according to the circumstances of that time. The significance of Khilafat e Rashida is that they reached the Quranic goals during their caliphate by adhering to Islamic essence instead of its exoteric form. This is what that makes their caliphate successful. The circumstances faced by caliphs are not the same as of present days. Accordingly as per rationale we in modern epoch cannot stick to the exoteric form of Khilafat e Rashida but only its essence.



“ Quran is a clear and complete book then how can it give no system of governance ?”


Quran is a perfect and complete book with respect to its essence and domain. For its domain refer to our previous section “ What is Religion” of the same article.



The onus lies on those who claim that Shariah must be implemented in Pakistan to prove that Quran and Hadith propose any system of governance.


“Don’t you see that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then out of the body? But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man ‘unclean.’ For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.”

(Gospel of Mathew, 15:17-19)




Contemplation over thematic aspects of Ramadan in their quintessence unveils that the goal of this sacrosanct month is to evoke sentience among people and to purge our souls by imprinting behavioral pattern on our minds to simply buttress our struggle in becoming an unstinting individual and to incline ourselves toward self-abnegation in lieu of mere stultifying oneself by starvation.Nevertheless, this essence is never put into practice and owing to ubiquitous vile things such as cupidity and vituperation, grisly events appear or sound no more repugnant.Everything is available at sky-kissing prices but the things that are topsy-turvy to the integrants of piety are available for a song.What most surprising is the fact that sundry popinjays and philophasters, who are in the garb of reformers and humanitarians, now have an easy access to defile the values of this month before a significant size of an approbatory audience.














Corruption can be precisely put into words as perversion of thought and depredation of human rights. It is the emanating point of all evils. It vitiates society especially its youth and creates disorder in it. Owing to its detrimental repercussions, stringent measures must be adopted to minimize corruption. Albeit, corruption is a worldwide phenomenon but its percentage varies from country to country. In Pakistan it has reached an alarming level. As sentient beings it is incumbent upon us to combat it. It must be acknowledged that role of youth under this scenario is of utmost gravity. Youth can play pivotal role in lessening the monumental level of corruption and it has to.

“Youth comes but once in a lifetime.”~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

One must realize the deep meaning of the aphorism mentioned above. Youth is the stage at which the energy and ability to expand one’s ken is at its zenith. Therefore, at this stage an individual can make the best out of its innate abilities and can partake in the fulfillment of any particular function with its whole array of special aptitudes. Why one must not improvise youth then? This is the question worth pondering. There is no good reason for a person to not improvise his youth for the betterment of himself and society. It is youth of a nation that is one of the greatest decisive forces. Reforms in youth can give us significant philanthropists, social scientists and good professionals who can then be the cause of any positive change in society. Meliorism must be inculcated into the minds of people. Only then corruption will be minimized. Otherwise, the demon of corruption will not only lead to the atrophy of intellects of our people but total collapse.

It is quite unfortunate that the budget allocated for education in Pakistan is even less than that of Nigeria. The salvation of any nation lies in education. Education must be our first and foremost priority. Those nations who made progress by leaps and bounds rendered many sacrifices for the acquisition and propagation of education. One such example is of Japan’s King Hirohito. During second world war, he was asked to surrender. He agreed to surrender on the condition that the syllabus of educational institutes of Japan would remain unaltered. After this agreement he was killed. What worthwhile is that he sacrificed his life for the education of his people. As a result, we are all now familiar with the prodigious level of Japan’s progress in every sphere of life in present time. Another example can be cited is of Winston Spencer Churchill , who was a statesman. During Second world war he got an agreement done that there would be no bombings on any educational institute of Great Britain. This highlights the fact that education was his first and last priority. We must also endeavor to educate our youth. We must make our young ones acquainted with ethics and moral values like how Sheikh Saadi used to do. These steps consequently will diminish corruption. However , it is a long term process.

Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan opined that once an individual decides to rectify itself then this brings revolution on individual scale but when this spirit reaches on group level then it brings revolution on large scale. We must abide by the opinion of Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan and must rectify ourselves instead of waiting for an immaculate leadership.It is because there are countries which excelled and no one has ever heard of their leaders. One way to gauge the progress of any country is to check HDI (Human Development Index) . According to the list of top countries with respect to HDI, the top fourteen countries are those of whose leaders people are totally oblivious. This includes countries like Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein. We must consider this with no frivolity before it is too late to mend over.


Islam and Evolution

The topic of Evolution is one of the most discussed topics among people. This made us to write in detail and cover every single aspect germane to it. Our article consists of two parts. In first part we have established that both science and religion belong to two completely different domains . Therefore, they must be envisaged without any one of it being mixed with the other. In second part , we have tried to establish that Evolution is no more a theory rather due to overwhelming evidence it should now be acknowledged as a fact and it in no way contradicts any core value of Islam. Those who agree with the first part can skip to second part.



Advancement in scientific fields is unceasingly accelerating. With this advancement, it is incumbent upon the people to accept the utmost significance of science. No country with scientific obscurantism can thrive in these latter-days. Contemplation over the examples of Japan and China is enough to act as an eye-opener i.e. looking at them before and after the arrival of scientific revolution in these countries. Despite of the undeniable significance of science there exists a hamartia in Pakistan.  Some  intellectuals and perspicacious people have highlighted this hamartia but among them the most prominent personality who have raised this point  frequently is none other than honorable sir Pervaiz Hoodbhoy and we encourage people  to read his latest article {Promoting Anti-science via textbooks}.  

Understanding This Hamartia



This fatal flaw is that majority of the people here commingle religion with science. Trying to establish compatibility between the two has aggrandized the appalling state of education in Pakistan. The fact is, religion and science belong to two completely different domains. As far as religion is concerned, its role is the nourishment of our soul. It purifies our nafs and gives us inner satisfaction. It gives us the purpose of life. Ism corpus guides people how to serve Supreme Lord (in Hinduism Santana Dharma) while the nature of science is entirely different. Science deals with the matter and laws of nature. It helps us to understand matter and it explains laws of nature and whatever exists in nature. It doesn’t tell us why something exists, it only tells us what and how. It doesn’t purvey any model for morality and spirituality. At this moment we would like to cite a hypothetical dialogue from “God Arises” by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan in order to substantiate our case further.


‘Why is blood red in color?’ If you were to ask a doctor the reason, he would answer, ‘Because your blood contains millions of little red discs (5 millions to each cubic centimeter), each some seven thousandths of an inch in diameter, called the red corpuscles.

‘Yes, but why are these discs red?’

‘Because they contain a substance called haemoglobin, which, when it absorbs oxygen from the lungs, becomes bright red. That is why the blood in the arteries is scarlet. As it flows through the body, the blood gives up its oxygen to the organs of the body and the haemoglobin becomes brownish—this is the dark blood of the veins.’


 ‘Yes. But where do the red corpuscles with their haemoglobin come from?’

‘They are made in the spleen.’

‘That’s marvellous, Doctor. But tell me, how is it that the blood, the red corpuscles, the spleen, and the thousand other things are so organized into one coherent whole, work together so perfectly that I can breathe, run, speak, live?’

‘Ah! That is nature.’


‘When I say ‘‘nature”, I mean the interplay of blind physical and chemical forces.’

‘But, Doctor, why do these blind forces always act as if they were pursuing a definite end? How do they manage to coordinate their activities so as to produce a bird which flies, a fish which swims, and me…. who ask questions?’.

‘My dear friend, I a scientist, can tell you how these things happen. Do not ask me why they are like that.’





Islam and Evolution


Owing to the prevailing fatal flaw in our society aforementioned in the article, our educational institutes failed to do justice with the scientific subject of supreme importance which is “Darwinian Evolution” or known as “Darwin theory of Evolution”. People like Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss have also mocked the institutes of science in Muslim societies where students are kept aloof from the topic of evolution. The reason why Darwinian Evolution is not taught to students or why students are made to believe that Darwinian Evolution is baseless is because of the misconception that Darwin Theory of Evolution contradicts Islam. Why such misconception arises? It arises due to the grave mistake of mixing science with religion. To this reason we have initially established that both science and religion belong to different spheres with each performing its role in accordance with its nature for the benefit of mankind. We in this article will also establish that there is no contradiction between Islam and Evolution (Darwinian). We will primarily rely on the arguments adduced by Doctor Rana Dajani in her lecture “ Islam and Evolution, is there a controversy?”(the lecture is available on Youtube and link is provided in the Reference section at the end of the article).


Understanding Darwinian Evolution


Darwin theory of evolution is the sum of following points.

  • All the species/organisms (existing and had existed) have one common ancestor.
  • Species change over time.
  • Earth and life are very old.
  • Natural selection is non random but it is not progressive and there is no higher or lower organism , each one is fit to its environment , natural selection adapts to the conditions that prevailed in the past not in future.

Was Darwin the only one to come up with Evolution?


The answer is No! What interesting and flabbergasting is the fact that it was a Muslim scientist who came up with the concept of Evolution six hundred years before Darwin but majority of the people are not cognizant of this fact.  Let us now introduce readers to the Darwin of 13th Century !


 Nasir ad-Din Tusi



We will encourage readers to read the full article about Al-Tusi available here :



At present we will only extract some excerpts from the article as those excerpts will suffice our need to substantiate our point.


Nasiraddin Tusi (also known as Nasir ad-Din Tusi) was born in 1201 in Tus, Khorasan, in what is now Iran. As a scientist and all-around genius, he is known for many things: founding an observatory in Maragha (the ancient cultural center situated in Maragha which is east of Tabriz in present-day Iran), interpreting and developing the mathematics of Euclid, predicting the existence of land west of the Atlantic Ocean as well as writing more than 80 influential books in Arabic and Persian about astronomy, geometry, geography, physics, law, history, medicine, philosophy, logic and ethics. Today he is highly revered and honored in Azerbaijan, and several education institutions are named after him, including the Tusi Pedagogical Institute in Baku.

What few people know, however, is that Tusi also developed a basic theory of evolution – more than 600 years before Charles Darwin.

This theory appears in Tusi’s popular work “Akhlag Nasiri” (Nasirean Ethics), a treatise on ethics in the Greek tradition built upon the 11th century “Tahdhib al-Akhlag of Ibn Miskawayh”, which Tusi drafted in prison while being held by the Assassins, a religious terrorist group. He later revised it for his Mongol master (the Mongolian occupation led to his release from prison). “Nasirean Ethics” was translated into English by G.M. Wickens and published by George Allen & Unwin in 1964.

“Akhlag Nasiri” is about the perfection of humans. Tusi divides this perfection into two parts – material and spiritual perfection. He uses the term “takamul”, which means “perfection” in Arabic. In modern Azeri, this same term now means “evolution”.


Other Scientists to come up with the concept Evolution

  • Al Jaheth
  • Ibn Miskawayh
  • Ikwan-as-Safa
  • Ibn Khaldun

Evidence To Support Evolution


With the advancement of biology and genetics we have evidence to prove that evolution is a fact. This evidence is actually inherent in the DNA that makes up all living organism. So for a simple organism such as bacteria to a complex organism like human, DNA is made from a single fundamental molecule  i.e. four nucleotides C,T,G,A . These sequences of nucleotides contain inside them all the information that is needed to create any organism that exist or has existed in the past. The evidence shows that all organisms in their extreme diversity have come from one origin. When we compare the similarity and sequence of a particular protein in different organisms for example we can take a protein like Cytochrome C  in human and compare it that to a primate or compare it into a mouse or even in bacteria we find that the similarity is very much  and there are certain areas that are very conserved along the species and hence it proves that we all originated from one simple origin and each line of organism developed according to the environment around it so that it can survive , the future generation can survive better in this new environment . Human beings are just another species among these different organisms that are , have existed or existing today so we cannot as a scientist exclude the humans from the nature of creation that God made and human beings are part of this creation , they are part of the process and are product of the evolution . We should be humbled to accept the single origin rather than being arrogant.

Quran  16:23

“Assuredly, Allah knows what they conceal and what they declare. Indeed, He does not like the arrogant.”



Now we will use deductive reasoning in order to prove that every organism must have originated from a single ancestor and there is no other possibility. Consider the following example of an organism say Cat.



So the structure of Quarks is the smallest unit known and smaller unit say X is unknown. The point of this deductive reasoning is that there has to be a single common point from which all organisms have originated and there is no other possibility within the rational perimeter.



 If humans descended from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?”



This objections depicts height of ignorance. No where Darwin in “The Origin of the Species” has said that humans evolved from Monkeys. What the theme of Darwinian evolution is that each and every organism has a single ancestor. It means both organisms Monkey and Human have evolved from a single ancestor. It does not say that humans have evolved from monkeys or vice versa . The burden of proof lies on those who adduce this argument to show where Darwin has said that humans have evolved from monkeys. The entire argument of missing links is in shamble.



“Concept of Evolution is tantamount to Godliness. It promotes and strengthens the argument of Atheists.”



This objection also has no solid basis. Evolution doesn’t deal with the existence of God rather it deals with the laws that are responsible for diversity in universe . Darwin nowhere in “ The Origin Of the species” has said that evolution is Godliness rather in some editions there is a passage at the end where Darwin said that evolution is caused by the Creator. At this instant we would also like to quote the viewpoint of Nasiruddin Al Tusi :


“ Tusi’s theory is based on philosophy and Islam. He believed that God created the world, and that after creation occurred, the world developed on its own, while God supervises and guides this process.”


So the burden of proof lies upon the opponents to demonstrate how evolution promotes Godliness it rather we firmly believe that it strengthens the arguments of those who believe in God.



1- Blend of religion and science will always be a harbinger of scientific obscurantism.

2- Evolution is no more a theory . It should now be acknowledged as fact!




It Is The People Not The System

Preliminary Note











Contemplation unveils another mesmerizing fact about Pakistani society. Students of sundry disciplines as well as elders , irrespective of their bailiwicks, indulge in political discussions enthusiastically. It seems discussions germane to Politics are everyone’s cup of tea. Among these discussions , the most argued and debated topic is ” Which system of governance is idoneous for Pakistan”. Therefore , proponents of various forms of government such as Autocracy , Democracy , Theocracy , Technocracy , Aristocracy etc are seen in every nook and corner of the country. Genuinely speaking , each and every proponent of the aforementioned systems of government has mickle of arguments and robust logical reasoning to substantiate its case. To this reason , there is continuum of interminable eristic discussions among people.Wastage of precious energy and time is ensued from such discussions. Our intention of writing this article is to mitigate the repercussions of this custom. We will try to demonstrate the futility of this overly argued matter and will try to help readers in fathoming a gospel truth i.e. ” It is not the system but people who are decisive force.”. In other words , no system of government is bad in itself.


Muammar Gaddafi


 In Colonel Gaddafi’s regime Libya divulged an incomparable level of progress .

  •  In Libya a home is considered a natural human right
  • Education and medical treatment were all free
  • Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project
  • It was free to start a farming business
  • A bursary was given to mothers with newborn babies
  • Electricity was gratis
  • Cheap Petrol
  • Libya had its own state bank

Hugo Chavez 


Same is true for the great Hugo Chavez of Venezuela 

  • The government  increased social spending by 60.6%, a total of $772 billion
  •  Reduced inequality by 54%
  • Reduced poverty by 44%
  • Thousands of new or refurbished schools, including 10 new universities
  • It is also a monumental achievement  that Venezuela is now tied with Finland as the 5th country with the happiest population in the world


Many arguments against Democracy are heard and read in Pakistan . Aristotelian Logic and arguments against egalitarian theories are adduced to this purpose. The point that must be realized here that denizens of Pakistan should not be vehemently argumentative against Democracy.It is because Democracy in its quintessence doesn’t exist in Pakistan  rather it doesn’t exist at all.Therefore, labeling Democracy as an outdated or failed system cannot be vindicated.Nevertheless, one must know what is Democracy in its purest form. Qualitative education and high literacy rate is essential to Democracy. Democracy can exist in those countries who have both of these two elements. Now contemplate over Pakistan which is abounded with either illiterates or educated illiterates. Hence, we have a sham version of Democracy in Pakistan. Furthermore, the total number of universities in Muslim world is less than that of India alone. Let us ponder over some successful Democratic countries. Albeit , there are many successful Democratic European countries with stalwart economy but here we will cite the examples of India and USA for the sake of being succinct .


Furthermore , the CEO of Microsoft is an Indian i.e. Satya Nadella 



Sher Shah Soori 



Not ages ago people were objurgating Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff that he wants to be a monarch. It seems people consider monarchy to be something of virulent in nature but in fact it is not true. There is nothing wrong in monarchy but a monarch should be like Sher Shah Soori . Let us cast a look on the reforms brought by him during his reign . 


  • Extensive repairs of Major Roads
  • Rest houses for travelers
  • Drinking well for Musafirs
  • 1st to introduce agricultural land measurements
  • Categorized Cultivated land according to its production
  • Introduced Postal System in which horses carried mails
  • Introduced Free Kitchens to provide meal to poor/needy people



A Viral Argument

“We would have been a great nation . Our only problem is that we lack leadership. We failed to produce a good leader else we would have been a nation of great stature .”


Our Response

We have been rant and raving for aeons that our main problem is absence of a good leader else we would have been a great nation. Nevertheless , there are countries who made progress by leaps and bounds and no one has ever heard of their leaders. One way to gauge the progress of any country is to check HDI (Human Development Index) . According to the list of top countries with respect to  HDI, the top fourteen countries are those of whose leaders people are totally oblivious. This includes countries like Iceland, Norway , Liechtenstein etc. Apropos, Liechtenstein is a country of which mostly people(Pakistani) are not cognizant.




We have substantiated our case with arguments that no system of government is bad in itself rather these are people who are either bad or good . Let viewers be the judge .

Disability Is Not Inability

“There is nothing impossible to whom who will try.” (Alexander The Great)

Life itself has no meaning rather it is an opportunity to create a meaning. This demands every individual with its whole array of special capabilities to make a difference by attaining distinction. In fulfilling this objective of monumental significance an individual has to surmount gargantuan obstacles in its way. These are the hurdles that in fact give meaning and beauty to our efforts and stoicism.

There are two different theories that are germane to this matter of utmost gravity. First theory is that the sphere of mankind’s accomplishments is very confined and mankind should succumb to vicissitudes . The second relevant theory is that there is no limit to the accomplishments a man can have and no obstacle is insurmountable. Rationality says when two opposite theories are adduced then only one of them is correct. Now the question that comes to the mind is that which of the aforementioned theory is correct and which one of them is sham? We can certainly determine this by contemplating over the following facts.

In this era of science and technology we are most often confronted with this question that who is the living greatest scientist? The only name that flashes through our minds is none other than “Stephan Hawking ’’ . It is due to his remarkable contribution in the field of Quantum Physics and Cosmology. This alone doesn’t make us astounded as there are many other scientists of great stature. What astonishing is that this greatest scientist suffers from motor neuron disease that has paralyzed him over the decades yet he has managed to gain unparalleled achievements. What heartening is that we certainly have more comparable examples and among them one is of Helen Keller. She was deaf and blind by birth. She could hide herself under the blanket of misery very easily but she didn’t and this is what that makes her story mesmerizing . She became the first deaf-blind person to earn the bachelor of arts degree. Do we have such examples in latter-days ? Yes we do have and among them are the examples Anaya Ellick and Hibba . Anaya Ellick is a girl with no hands and even then she has won first place in national handwriting contest beating fifty other participants from around the United States. Hibba is a girl from Pakistan who has spots on her retina which makes her vision very blurred but despite of having such adversity she has scored eighty six percentage in recent examination of Matric. Certainly no felicitation can do justice to her achievement.

These examples substantiate the latter theory very gracefully. After this it must be a piece of cake for every person to decipher which theory is genuine and holds weight in it. There are certain people who will still adhere to the former theory and it is not because their bodies are sick rather it is because their souls are sick. Hence , the impossible is often the untried. It will be idoneous to conclude by Japanese proverb i.e. “ If one can do it , you can do it. If no one can do it , you must do it. ’’




There has been plethora of abominable incidents and these incidents have stirred hatred among masses. Killing of Muslims in Gujrat , Killings of Shia Muslims in Pakistan and as well as other minorities such as Christians are some examples of these horrendous incidents. There are myriad of repercussions of such brutality and savageness. These events are the harbinger of extremism and turmoil. Owing to these events there has been increasing level of hatred among Hindus, Christians , Muslims , Buddhists and etc. Spirit of Meliorism , Kindness and Compassion seems to be obliterated.

Necessity Of This Article

This article will depict that excommunicating and killing machines existing in our societies in no way epitomize the true essence of religion. They have utterly deviated from verses and reports that Ism corpus is replete with. They in no way adhere to the apothegms of People of excellence. Therefore, sensible people should not fall in the booby traps set by these peddlers whose only job is to prevaricate and circumvent people from truth.  Now let us contemplate over the treasure of sheer wisdom to rejuvenate our souls and minds.

Wisdom From Islam

   “So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it.” { Quran 99:7}

”But indeed if any show patience and forgive, that would truly be an exercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs.”(Quran 42:43)

“Have you not regarded how Allah has drawn a parable? A good word is like a good tree: its roots are steady and its branches are in the sky.”[ Quran , 14:24]

“Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind. And indeed, there came to them Our Messengers with clear proofs, evidences, and signs, even then after that many of them continued to exceed the limits (e.g. by doing oppression unjustly and exceeding beyond the limits set by Allah by committing the major sins) in the land!.” { Quran 5 :32 }



 How Quran has beautifully refuted vituperation , depredation and massacre of innocent lives and gracefully delineates the beauty of Kindness and Compassion. Forgiveness , patience , good conduction and beautiful words are elements of Quranic theme. Quran has led great emphasis on these virtues. Moreover it does not end here let us see some more pearls of wisdom from Islamic Corpus .

Wisdom From Nahjul Balagha



A person is either your brother in faith, or your equal in humanity.” ~ Imam Ali {Nahjul Balagha Sermon 53 }


Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (a.s) said: The greatest defect is when you are concerned about the defect (in others) which is already present in yourself. {Nahjul Balagha, Vol. 4 Pg. 82}

Wisdom From Al-Kafi




Mohammed ibn Yahya has narrated from Muhammad ibn Ahmad from certain individuals of his people from al-Hassan from Ali ibn abu ‘Othman from Mohammed ibn Uthman, who from Mohammed ibn Hammad al-Khazzaz, who from Abd Al-Aziz al-Qaratisi who has said the following:

Once Abu Abd Allah(as) said: O Abd Al-Aziz, Eman is of ten stages, like the steps of a ladder. To climb, one uses it one step after the other one by one. One who possesses two degrees of belief should never say to onewho possesses only one degree that he does not have enough belief and so on up to the tenth degree or stage. One who is higher should not throw back the one below because the one above you may also fall. If you see one below, you should help him climb up higher gently and do not burden him with what he cannot lift up; he may break down and if one breaks down a believer, he will be held responsible for compensation to him.

Al-Kafi, vol. 2, H 1521

Wisdom From New Testament


“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”(Luke 6:37)

 “And why do you look at the splinter in your brother’s eye, and not notice the beam which is in your own eye?”{Matthew 7: 3}

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” {John 4:8}


“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust, destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

{Matthew 6:19-20}

Wisdom From “Bhagvad-Geeta As It Is”




“When Sanatana Gosvami asked Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu about the svarupa of every living being, the Lord replied that the svarupa or constitutional position of the living being is the rendering of service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. If we analyze this statement of Lord Caitanya’s, we can easily see that every living being is constantly engaged in rendering service to another living being. A living being serves other living beings in two capacities. By doing so, the living entity enjoys life. The lower animals serve human beings as servants serve their master. A serves B master, B serves C master and C serves D master and so on. Under these circumstances, we can see that one friend serves another friend, the mother serves the son, the wife serves the husband, the husband serves the wife and so on. If we go on searching in this spirit, it will be seen that there is no exception in the society of living beings to the activity of service. The politician presents his manifesto for the public to convince them of his capacity for service. The voters therefore give the politician their valuable votes, thinking that he will render valuable service to society. The shopkeeper serves the customer, and the artisan serves the capitalist. The capitalist serves the family, and the family serves the state in the terms of the eternal capacity of the eternal living being. In this way we can see that no living being is exempt from rendering service to other living beings, and therefore we can safely conclude that service is the constant companion of the living being and that the rendering of service is the eternal religion of the living being.

Yet man professes to belong to a particular type of faith with reference to particular time and circumstance and thus claims to be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or any other sect. Such designations are non-sanatana-dharma. A Hindu may change his faith to become a Muslim, or a Muslim may change his faith to become a Hindu, or a Christian may change his faith and so on. But in all circumstances the change of religious faith does not affect the eternal occupation of rendering service to others. The Hindu, Muslim or Christian in all circumstances is servant of someone. Thus, to profess a particular type of sect is not to profess one’s sanatana-dharma. The rendering of service is sanatana-dharma.

Wisdom From Buddhism



“Beyond meditation practice, there is attitude. A beginner must learn to cultivate what is called, “the poise of a dying man”. What is this poise? It is the poise of knowing what is important and what is not, and of being accepting and forgiving. Anyone who has ever been at the bedside of a dying man will understand this poise. What would the dying man do if someone were to insult him? Nothing. What would the dying man do if someone were to strike him? Nothing. As he lay there, would he scheme to become famous or wealthy? No. If someone who had once offended him were to ask him for his forgiveness would he not give it? Of course he would. A dying man knows the pointlessness of enmity. Hatred is always such a wretched feeling. Who wishes to die feeling hatred in his heart? No one. The dying seek love and peace.”

– Hsu Yun

Wisdom From Science


 Konrad Lorenz described the attachment behavior of geese as soon after hatching.In his experiment he divided eggs laid by a graylag goose into two groups . One of the group was hatched by their mother and immediately began following her around .The second group was hatched in an incubator ( but in the absence of their mother they began instead to follow Lorenz ) . Even if Lorenz placed the goslings in a box so that both groups were separated from their mother or himself , they would reliably segregate toward their mother or toward Lorenz, according to whom they were first exposed . This led to the notion that there are critical periods in the development of brain and behavior. This delineates beautifully the social behavior in adulthood. An individual behaves in a way in which he was nurtured . Therefore , we must be tolerant of people having sundry theologies because they have been exposed to different upbringings.


Final Note

It is quite vivid how sundry corpus of various Isms reinforce each other .We request readers to deeply contemplate over what we have provided to become cognizant of true essence of religion.